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Custom drop-point hunter with engraved bolstersWelcome to Hinds Custom Knives. My name is Roy Hinds. My home and workshop are located in the beautiful Texas Hill country in Bandera county the Cowboy Capital of the World. Where I create Custom Hand Made knives. Every phase of the making of knives and sheaths is solely done by myself.


My interest in knives began when I was six years old when my uncle gave me my first pocket knife. I have carried a pocket knife everyday of my life since. My interest in knives has turned into a life long passion. I believe a knife is an indispensable tool. I am a full time blade-smith and a proud member of the Texas Knife Makers and Collectors Association.


My knife making began in 2001 after reading numerous knife making books and reviewing knife making videos. After watching Harvey Dean forge a Damascus blade I was inspired to begin forging my own blades. I offer my customers the choice between hand forged blades or stock removable blades. One of my many joys of blade smithing is making cable Damascus. The idea of taking a piece of old steel cable and transforming it into a handmade knife that anyone would be proud to own is especially rewarding. I try to advance my knowledge and skills every chance I get by taking classes and consulting other bladesmiths. I have attended Johnny Stout’s “hammer-ins” and various other classes by skilled Blade Smiths.The Late Jim Barnes has been very influential in expanding my knowledge in making folders. I owe Jim a debt of gratitude.  I will always remember the many hours spent in his shop and the hands on training that he gave me freely.



I prefer to use natural materials for handles such as desert iron wood, cocobolo, ivory,horse bone, cow bone jigged bone, Texas madrona, antler and sheep horn.  My steel preferences ATS34, D-2 tool steel. All fixed blade knives come with a leather sheath. I make all of my sheaths by hand one at a time. They are hand tooled and hand sewn. I also make sheaths for my folders for an additional charge.


Knife making is more than a hobby to me. It is a passion which I feel fortunate to be able pursue. My knives are a reflection of my dedication to quality.


I hope you will browse my website and contact me with any questions or comments regarding my craft.

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