The process of making cable Damascus


Cable Damascus is just that.  It is Damascus steel which is made from a length of cable consisting of many strands of heavy steel wire. I like the appearance of cable Damascus.  When everything works well, the pattern will look like snake skin.


I normally will start with a piece of cable 18” long. I will first tack weld one end of cable to hold all of the strands together.


The next task is to heat the cable until it is cherry red. I then pull the cable out of the furnace and put one end in a vice and begin to twist the cable in order to get strands of the cable toughing. This will aid in getting a good forge weld. After the twisting is done the next step is to flux the cable with Borax and put it back in to the furnace.


The next part is the fun part letting the sparks fly. I remove the cable form the furnace and take it to the anvil. What I am doing here is changing the shape of the cable from round to flat.


Once I am satisfied with the thickness, I fold the cable billet in half and start the forge welding process again. Once my billet is complete I can decide whether to forge a blade from the billet or to make a folder bade using stock removal method.

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